LABOUR have revealed their candidate to battle for the Eddisbury parliamentary seat ahead of the upcoming General Election.

Terry Savage has been selected as man to take on Antoinette Sandbach and Edward Timpson for the Eddisbury seat and views himself as a 'man of the people', as opposed to a career politician.

A life long trade unionist and former employee of the NHS, Terry says he 'is passionate about equality and a champion of people who have been left behind by government choices'.

A spokesman for the Eddisbury Labour party said: "Under a Labour government and with Terry Savage MP representing us, Eddisbury would benefit from an industrial strategy which doesn’t cost the earth and instead includes a Green New Deal.

"We’d have support for farming subsidy which so many rely on rather than an ideological pursuit of ripping subsidy away.

"We’d get the investment in public services that we need, not just relentless housebuilding to prop up Tory housebuilders.

"There would be funded university education and a National Education Service, an investment bank to rebalance wealth in our country and state funded social care.

"Terry is committed to giving Eddisbury residents the final say on a deliverable Brexit or remaining in the EU. In or out of the EU won’t resolve the problems facing people who are suffering following ten years of austerity.

"Many politicians don’t understand the impact of their policies and actions as they live in the political bubble.

"Terry isn’t a career politician, he’s a genuine man of the people committed to the community he lives in and which he wishes to represent.

"He is a lifelong trade unionist and has worked for the NHS speaking out against relentless restructuring, privatisation and cuts to local services."