ANTOINETTE Sandbach will seek re-election as MP for Eddisbury as a Liberal Democrat for the upcoming General Election.

Antoinette Sandbach says she is looking forward to standing for re-election and the opportunity to build upon her track record of securing investment and delivering for the community.

Ms Sandbach has explained her decision to run for the Liberal Democrats, saying other parties have drifted too far towards the extremes.

“Brexit has fundamentally rewritten the structure and shape of our politics, warping the values and principles of the Conservative Party most of all," said Ms Sandbach.

"It is therefore inevitable that politicians and the public will take stock and look at the parties they support to assess whether they remain fit for purpose.

“I came into politics to fight for a one-nation, pragmatic and centrist government. When I was elected, I wanted to push for action to tackle climate change, protect our NHS and improve education.

"However, as I have sat on the government benches in recent months, it has become increasingly clear that one party has been stalwart in defending and promoting these values, with a clear message of remain.

"This is why, after a couple of months of consideration and discussion, I decided to join the Liberal Democrats.

"I could have chosen to stand as an independent but, as I watch the two main parties move further to the extremes, I want to stand for a progress centre-ground liberal party which embodies the values that I, and I believe the silent majority, still hold dear.”

Meanwhile, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, has added her support for Ms Sandbach.

“I am delighted to welcome Antoinette to the Liberal Democrats," said Ms Swinson.

"She is a passionate campaigner, and will be a fantastic candidate at the general election and a great addition to our party.

"Antoinette is one of the millions of people who are tired of the two old parties, led by people who will take our country backwards.”