A PLANNING application for a barn conversion near Whitchurch is set for refusal by Shropshire Council.

The application is for redevelopment of traditional agricultural Dutch barn building to a single residential unit and associated amenity space at Ivy Farm Cottage in Broughall.

It is considered that the building, although within the complex of Ivy Farm Cottage, can accommodate its own amenity space and parking without adversely affecting the amenity space of the other dwellings or the character or setting of the holding.

The applicant, Matthew Dunn, says the proposed conversion of the subject Dutch barn is justified on the basis "that it will secure the future use and retain historic fabric of this non-designated heritage asset."

But the application is set for refusal by Shropshire Council at their upcoming planning meeting at Shirehall in Shrewsbury on Tuesday, November 12.

In a planning report, case officer Jane Preece, recommended the plans for refusal, describing current alterations to the building as 'unsympathetic' and 'contrived'.

"It is considered by the Local Planning Authority that the application building as it presently exists is not of sufficient or significant heritage or landscape importance to be recognised as a local non-designated heritage asset to justify conversion to residential use in principle in this countryside location," said Ms Preece.

"The original building has been unsympathetically modified in the recent past, with alterations that are considered to appear as contrived and domestic and, as such detrimental to the simple character of the original structure."

She added that in the absence of a newt or bat survey, the application was unacceptable and that without the survey it is impossible to tell if the plans will cause damage.

Ms Preece says that in summary, she does not consider that the proposal satisfies policy in principle in relation to conversions in the countryside.

"In short, the application building is not considered to be of sufficient heritage or landscape value to comply with adopted local plan policy," said Ms Preece.