BOARD games of every description were on hand for a fun get-together at the Beechtree Centre at Whitchurch Community Hospital.

The autism-friendly sessions of board games, including Scrabble, Monopoly and the ever-popular train game Ticket to Ride, are arranged once a month to help develop social skills in a fun and interactive environment.

Hilary McGlynn, of Autism West Midlands, said: "We usually start off with the more simple games and then move onto the more difficult ones.

"The number of people we have here can vary but we had eight or so last time. It's interesting and enjoyable for all involved."

Autism West Midlands is the leading charity in the region for people on the autism spectrum.

Expert staff and volunteers work across all age groups and abilities, providing direct support to enrich the lives of autistic people and those who care for them.

The charity supports autistic people to live as independently as possible, in residential care, or in their own or the family home and helps autistic people to find and keep a job.

Training is offered for parents of children on the autism spectrum and the professionals who help them.

For more information go to or call 01743 236193.