Welcome to another week of the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and thanks once more to everyone who submitted their pictures to our Facebook page.

Without you, we couldn’t have this page and again, you’ve submitted some absolute stunners for our pleasure.

Starting top left, Jill Adger’s view of the Mere in Ellesmere is a peaceful and calming image, while we have two from our Herald club regular Laura Butler.

She’s been picking pumpkins for Hallowe’en tomorrow but it looks like someone beat her to the best one.

Would you fight a chicken for a pumpkin? Channel 5 would probably show it.

Pauline Jones has been out for a walk along the canal and it’s very tranquil indeed.

Bottom right, we say hello to new member Adam Hughes, who seems to be playing a game of hide and seek with a hare, but we can see it, so Adam wins!

Welcome Adam and thanks for joining.

Bottom left is Jayne Robert’s arty (and lovely) shot of a canal barge passing through at Colemere while to finish, all hail King Otto!

Alison Utting sent this Lion King-esque shot and we praise it!

If you want to join the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club, head to Facebook or if you are shy, you can always email the editor Emily Lloyd at emily.lloyd@newsquest.co.uk to submit your pictures.

Thanks once again to all those who have submitted pictures for this week.