COUNCILLORS in Wem have strongly objected to the construction of swales at a housing estate in the town.

Plans for the site, located on land off Roden Grove, are for 25 houses and feature a pond, which would feed rainwater from drains into the River Roden.

A consultation was put out to residents concerning the construction of swales on the site to collect excess water, but these had already been constructed before the consultation was launched.

At Wem Town Council on Thursday, October 31, Councillor Chris Mellings said he and other town residents had many concerns over the groundworks at the site.

"My job both as a town councillor and county councillor is to represent the local people and there is a lot of concern over this application," said Cllr Mellings.

"There is another concern that might not be known, there is a connection to the river with a valve but that hasn’t been installed yet.

"Speaking with the Environment Agency there has been no permit of this route through to the river.

"Both Cllr George Nash and I have filed complaints and the Environment Agency have launched an investigation."

Another issue raised by the development is the reduced amount of open space created by the swales.

"We all said from the outset is that we know what this site is like," added Cllr Mellings.

"The other issue is that there was an element of public open space but now there is none.

" Under the old plan they were 106 per cent over the open space figure but now they are well below.

"There seem to be a lot of issues but there’s already been a lot of good information submitted from residents.

"In a nutshell there needs to be a strong objection.

"Knowing full well what the process is, why have things happen without the process being put in place. It doesn’t give anyone any confidence whatsoever.

"I think on that basis we should strongly object. This effectively now is a retrospective planning application."

The council voted to strongly object to the development, citing the impact on properties and removal of recreation space.

The council is now treating the construction of the swales as a retrospective planning application and say that a site visit must take place.