ANTOINETTE Sandbach MP has announced she will be running as a Liberal Democrat candidate at the next General Election.

The Eddisbury MP makes the surprise move after being kicked out of the Conservative party last month over Brexit issues.

In light of a no-deal Brexit being the most likely outcome, Ms Sandbach changed her view on the issue to back a second referendum.

The move comes as a surprise for many, as just a few days earlier Ms Sandbach suggested she would represent her constituency as an independent.

Ms Sandbach says she is joining the Liberal Democrats as they are the "only party that represents the values that I hold dear".

"As the chief architect of Brexit, it has warped the values and principles of the Conservative Party most of all," said Ms Sandbach.

"It is therefore inevitable that politicians and the public take stock and look at the parties they support and assess whether they are fit for purpose.

"I came into politics to fight for a one-nation, pragmatic and centrist government.

"When I was elected, I wanted to push for action to tackle climate change, protect our NHS and improve education.

"However, as I have sat on the government benches in the House of Commons I have worked with those across the house who share these values and throughout this process one party has been stalwart in defending and promoting them, with a clear message of remain.

"That is why after several months of consideration and discussion I have decided to join the only party that represents the values that I hold dear, the Liberal Democrats."