A heritage campaigner and Shropshire councillor have both welcomed the decision by Historic England to put a listed building on its 'at risk' register.

Park House, in New Street, is formerly known as The Hall, and was included on the organisation's 'Heritage at Risk 2019' list, pinpointing where across the UK buildings are at risk of decay or destruction.

But Shelagh Richardson, from Wem Civic Society, is happy to see Park House on the list and hopes it will help move protection of the building forward.

She said: "Someone has to take responsibility for the building.

"They can't ignore the noise around it. It's good to see it there because it's one of three buildings we're concerned about in Wem, including Park House and the White Horse.

"But someone needs to take ownership of Park House.

"It needs a lot of help and it's such an attractive building, externally but someone has to take responsibility.

"We at Wem Civic Society will help anyone with the work they think they need to do – we've shown that with the work we did when Edward Towers was mayor at the White Horse."

Her words were echoed by Shropshire councillor Pauline Dee, who has argued for the House to be placed 'at risk' as a way of helping current tenants have vitals works carried out.

Cllr Dee said: "I welcome that park House has been put on the at risk register with Historic England – it's something that I was asking for and it shows how much work is needed.

"When I first saw many years ago the inside of Park House, I was so upset by what they had done to the ceilings and that they had driven iron bars through it as part of renovations.

"This is one of the things I wanted and Shropshire Council officers agreed with me because they have got it done.

"We're not sure who the leaseholders are. We need to be on the risk register because there's a chance for a grant to help the work out.

"I know that park House is a listed building but people are coming up to me and saying Shropshire Council should be paying for the repairs.

"But the council is not the leaseholder and it would be the taxpayers who would be paying for that work.

"I don't think that's right."