A CHANGE of scenery for the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club here but still some absolute crackers.

We start from left to right as we look at Carl Wynn’s atmospheric shot of a tree trunk that’s seen better days in Colemere. A very Lord of the Rings feel, don’t you say?

Then we have a couple of conflicting sunrises, both at home and abroad – well, Anglesey! Jane Eaton took this shot of the sun coming up over Benllech Bay, which this correspondent can tell you is a beautiful spot.

But we also have Callum Beddows’ fiery sky over Belton Farm, which means there were a few shepherds being warned.

Arthur is back! We don’t know where he’s been but that’s a very happy face running around the Brown Moss nature reserve.

And finally, Rob Perry’s shot of a kingfisher has been years in the making.

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