A CONSULTATION on how best to utilise libraries is currently underway across Shropshire.

The consultation is about refreshing the library strategy has been launched so the new version can reflect local priorities and needs.

The current library strategy includes a three-tier system which informs how resources would be financed and managed over a five-year period.

Two years on Shropshire Council says it has been identified that a refreshed strategy, that offers a robust vision with clear priorities for the library service of the future, is needed.

Teresa Eccleston, libraries area manager, was in whitchurch on Friday, October 11 and quizzed visitors on things they would like to see changed and what the library does well.

"We've had a huge response," said Teresa.

"We're asking people about what services they would like to see in their library. The response has been great, we've had an excellent turnout.

"Mostly people have been saying they like the service, but it's given us a chance to promote other services the library offers.

"It's part of a six week consultation and the idea is that we can go away with the data and come back with improvements."

The survey can also be answered online by visiting shropshire.gov.uk/get-involved/library-strategy-engagement-and-consultation/