THE Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia will introduce a new strategy on how best to tackle rural crime.

Commissioner John Campion wants to ensure that rural issues are heard, and communities feel less isolated.

A third of West Mercia’s population lives in a rural area rising to 50 per cent in Shropshire.

Mr Campion's new strategy, launching this week to coincide with the National Police Chief’s Councils (NPCC) Wildlife and Rural Crime Week of Action outlines how the commissioner will improve confidence that rural communities have in the police.

The strategy also aims to ensure financial resources are committed to rural crime and provide a dedicated team within each policing area and ensure victims of crime in rural areas receive the support they need, and are not disadvantaged by their location.

Commissioner John Campion said “Rural crime can have a significant cost, in a way that is more than just financial.

"It brings increased stress and pressure which impacts on mental health, leading people to feel more isolated.

"I am committed to ensuring communities have the same efficient and effective service regardless of where they are.”

The commissioner’s strategy is out for consultation until Friday, November 8.

Partners and local communities are invited to read it in full and send feedback via