One of the main organisers of the weekend’s popular Blackberry Fair in Whitchurch has thanked the community spirit which helped put on a ‘fantastic event’.

Steve Chapman admitted he and his fellow organisers were left stunned after losing funding less than a month before Saturday’s event, despite a year of fundraising.

But he was delighted with how people in the town came together to support the day.

“All things considered, the day went fantastically well,” he said.

“We lost our Arts Council funding three weeks before the event - it just fell through.

“But this shows what a community can do and also what deep pockets they have here.

“People enjoy a fantastic day at a free event where they have a great time but people need to remember it will sometimes at the debt of others.

“But the day was fabulous and it was brilliant to see so many people now getting into the spirit of it.

“It’s not just a music or arts festival anymore, but something that produces a positive atmosphere across the day.”