MEMBERS of Tallarn Green Tennis Club served up memories of the past last month to revive the village's tennis tournament.

The tennis club last hosted the tournament in 1977 and had until recently been on the brink of extinction.

But the summer's Big Day Out event revived interest in the club and after finding the old trophies, the club elected to revive the old tournament.

Twenty members battled against the rain, spurred on by the added incentive of a barbecue as well as the trophy.

Secretary and treasurer of the club Lizzy Weston explained how the idea for a tournament came about.

"Past members had mentioned how the club was very popular and on a Sunday afternoon local villagers were queuing up to have ago and was quite a social affair," said Lizzy.

"Marge Holland managed to find the cups and we were able to present them after the tournament.

"There had been concerns that the club was going to go to disappear but luckily I was asked to take over as secretary and treasurer.

"With the help of Claire Huxley we opened up a refreshed court at the Tallarn Green Big Day out in June and the local school children couldn't get on the court quick enough.

"The club has grown from strength to strength and the membership is now 75 per cent up on last year."

As part of their revival, the club is also looking for a coach to give lessons next year for adults and children and anyone interested should contact Lizzy on 07784 788605.