PUPILS from Bishop Heber High School will have a new kits ahead of an upcoming tour of Spain.

The school's football and hockey teams have both received their new kits thanks to engineering firm Delta Rock.

Managing director of the engineering firm, Scott Davis, attending the school himself and said he wanted to give something back, as well as allowing the school to spend money on other things.

Mark Lindley, head of physical education at Bishop Heber said: "The football and hockey teams are going to Barcelona.

"Scott has sponsored the whole trip. It's something we do every two years, it gives the students a chance to experience Spanish competition and culture."

Meanwhile for Scott the trip has added personal meaning, as his son is one of those going on the trip.

"My son is part of the team and I went here as well," said Scott.

"I wanted to give something back really, it's a really good school. I think it's important to support your local school."