ROMANCE may be "on the horizon" for a Wrexham dairy farmer.

Episode three of BBC 2's Love In The Countryside aired on Tuesday evening and featured 23-year-old Grace Edwards who lives in the Bronington area on the Wrexham/Shropshire border.

In the previous episode, viewers saw her meet potential suitors Martin, Greg and Mike.

The three spent a weekend at her farm, giving rural life a try.

By the end, she said: "Iā€™m so certain about my future in farming, and it would be really great if Mike was a part of that, and if he is, exciting times ahead.ā€

In this week's episode, three weeks had passed since Mike's initial visit to Grace's farm.

She told presenter Sara Cox she and Mike had been texting and speaking almost daily.

Grace said she found him "really sweet" and complimented him on his looks.

She decided to visit Mike - a hobby farmer - at his home in West Wales, where he keeps alpacas and sheep.

En route, she said: "It will be nice to see if the spark is still there, I'm a bit nervous."

She also said she was concious of the distance between them - her trip taking about three hours.

After the two caught up she told Mike she felt she had made the right choice, telling him jokingly: "You're the most tolerable," which was met with laughter.

She then got to meet Mike's two alpacas Bob and Beth, and seemed pleased to hear he would like to do farming on a "larger scale" than he does currently.

"I'm definitely feeling optimistic," she said.

"He's a great guy and he has the farming background. "Because he understands that, it does make us a bit more in tune with one another."

Mike then took Grace to his favourite restaurant, where she tackled "the elephant in the room" - the distance between them.

They agreed it would be worth making the effort, with Mike saying it would be "silly not to have a go".

At the conclusion of their segment of the show, Mike said: "It was nice to have a little time with just the two of us.

"It will be exciting to see what will happen - she's a top girl and we have a good laugh."

Grace said: "I think this situation had catapulted us forward. We've spent a lot of time together.

"I think there are feelings there. There could be romance on the horizon."