A DRUG driver from Penley who flipped his car on its roof thought he was in a fit state to take to the wheel, a court heard.

Lewis Evans was banned from the road for 18 months at North East Wales Magistrates’ Court which heard how he lost control of his vehicle in Cloy Lane at Overton.

Evans gave a positive roadside drugs test.

“He said he was driving from Overton to Penley using back lanes and had misjudged the bend,” said prosecutor Helen Tench.

Blood tests showed a reading of 2.1 for cannabis when the legal limit is 2 and a reading of 113 for BZE.

Evans, 21, of Penley Hall Drive admitted driving with cannabis in his system above the limit as well as driving with benzoylcgonine (BZE) above the legal limit on April 10 this year.

Victoria Hanley, defending, said Evans had chosen to drive from a pub because he was being wound up because Manchester United had lost.

Evans was fined £350.