WEM Town Council has elected not to purchase community wheelchairs for liability reasons.

Instead the council has opted turn their sights towards hiring wheelchairs from the Red Cross as and when required.

At a meeting of the Wem Care Committee in early September, it was reported that an issue had come up recently about the need to borrow wheelchairs for the trips that are being run by local group as several of the people who attend are virtually housebound and unsteady on their feet.

At the meeting it was pointed out that they would love to take part in excursions if a wheelchair was available to borrow.

A discussion took place concerning whether it would be a good idea to apply for a grant to Connexus Housing to pay for three lightweight wheelchairs to be used for trips either locally or to enable people to attend more activities locally.

It was suggested that the chairs could be stored locally and lent to groups when the need arose.

But at the full council meeting held on Thursday, September 27 at Edinburgh House it was suggested that because of liability reasons, it would be unwise to provide wheelchairs directly

This is because if someone were to injure themselves while using a town council wheelchair, the council itself could be liable.

At the meeting, clerk of the council Penny O'Hagan explained the decision to councillors.

"I've been advised that it's not something we should be progressing because of heavy liability on wheelchairs," said Ms O'Hagan.

"What has been recommended is Red Cross do hire and deliver to door.

"It could be something the group might think about getting a small grant pot of money together to fund that."

The issue will be further discussed at a later meeting.