A WREXHAM farmer, who has been appearing on a BBC Two dating show, has enjoyed a successful stint on the show.

Episode 2 of the second series of Love In The Countryside aired on Tuesday, September 24 and features Grace Edwards, a 23-year-old sheep and dairy farmer who lives in the Bronington area on the Wrexham/Shropshire border.

The show follows her as she attempts to whittle down potential suitors.

This week, we saw how she got on when three men, Martin, Greg and Mike spent a weekend at her farm, giving the farm life a try.

Martin, a trainee psychologist, got the opportunity to have a lift in the family tractor, and he was as excited about it as a kid in a candy shop. It was an endearing but a bit tiresome, “Ugh, bloody hell,” from Grace as he got out.

Out in the field, the three men were tasked with putting up fences. Greg, who works for Royal Mail, struggled to get to grips with it, while Mike found it quite easy, but that’s because he has done it before as he keeps alpacas for fun.

The fireworks began to spark when Grace took Mike on a date at a local pub. The two of them seemed to get along really well, and she admitted that she thought his manliness was very attractive.

However, Mike had to leave the next morning to attend a family wedding, making way for Greg to swoop in and attend a Young Farmers event with Grace, although it was clear that her friends didn’t really take to him since he had never stepped foot on a farm before.

Things then got a little teary eyed for Grace as she came to a realisation about her future, and how her townie dates didn’t fit into it.

Greg had asked her about visiting him in Blackpool after he left the farm, questioning her about “annual leave”, as if she has an HR department, instead of her dad and a few hundred animals.

“Having the boys here has made me realise it’s ridiculous for me to expect someone to fit into this lifestyle,” she said.

Both Greg and Martin left the next morning, but Grace was excited to see Mike return, with a dog nonetheless.

The episode ended with Grace and Mike smiling and making jokes, both seemingly happy that the other two men were now gone.

Grace finished by saying: “I’m so certain about my future in farming, and it would be really great if Mike was a part of that, and if he is, exciting times ahead.”