ONE of Whitchurch Rotary Club's longest serving members has recently celebrated half a century of dedication to the cause.

Ken Taylor joined Whitchurch Rotary Club in 1968 and as the club’s oldest and one of its longest-serving members, has completed 50 years of service to Rotary.

In that time he has twice been president, served as secretary, volunteered as a hospital visitor and a distributor of annual Christmas meals and taken elderly residents out for day trips and afternoon teas or even just a pub drink.

During his time Ken has also been honoured with one of Rotary’s highest awards – a Paul Harris Fellowship – and at 95 years-old, the former Malpas businessman still attends as many Rotary meetings as he can.

After joining Whitchurch Rotary Club, he became chairman of the Community Service Group, and highlights have included touring South Africa with local Rotarians and hosting Whitchurch visits by overseas clubs.

Since then his charity work has included 12 years with the then-named Age Concern and, for five years, he was the Chester and District chairman for a forerunner of the charity Sense.

In August this year Ken celebrated his 95th birthday, with relatives and friends from around the country, and used one of his parties to thank the many local people who have helped him over the years.

“There are a lot of things that I regret doing,” said Ken. “And many that I regret not doing, but it has been interesting.”