Police entered a Shropshire Council meeting and councillors were told to leave the room after environmental campaigners took to the stage.

Members of Extinction Rebellion Shrewsbury, which is calling on the council to do more to tackle climate change, walked in as a meeting of Shropshire Council began on Thursday.

One activist said: “We are Extinction Rebellion and we are here to say..” before being cut off by council chief executive Clive Wright, speaker Councillor Vince Hunt, deputy leader Cllr Steve Charmley and director of place Mark Barrow.

Councillors were told to leave the chamber and a police community support officer entered the building and asked the campaigners what business they had on the stage.

Once the officer was told by monitoring officer Claire Porter that they did not have a reason to be speaking at the meeting the officer asked them to leave the building, which they did peacefully.

As they left, they were applauded by Green Party Councillor Julian Dean, who had remained in his seat and was told he was being “unhelpful” Cllr Hunt.

Before the meeting, the campaigners marched to Shirehall with a black coffin which they placed in reception.

Cllr Dean Carroll, cabinet member for climate change, said: “I understand the coffin was for me – or at least it was a symbol to represent the species that are becoming extinct.

“We are going to bring a list of objectives to tackle climate change to full council in December and I am looking forward to presenting them.”

Speaking as the group walked in, Cllr Hunt told them: “This is my meeting and I will speak over you.

“You are not doing the good name of Extinction Rebellion any favours whatsoever by behaving like this.”