A new cafe and visitor centre will open at a popular tourist spot after plans were given the green light.

Shropshire Council will open the new timber cafe and visitor centre at the Swan Hill Depot on the western side of the Mere in Ellesmere, near to the play area.

The scheme was given the green light by the newly formed Northern Planning Committee on Tuesday.

Councillor Joyce Barrow, said she believed the development will be a huge boost to the town.

She said: “It will be the jewel in the crown of Ellesmere for me and I support it. 

“It is exactly what that end of Ellesmere needs and I am in favour of it.”

Councillor Vince Hunt said he was overwhelmingly in favour of it. 

“It appears to be a solid plan, there is nobody here against it, I propose we approve it,” he said.

Councillor Keith Roberts added: “It is in the end of the town where families go to feed the ducks and then go to the playground.

“It is exactly what is needed in that location.”

Councillor Nick Bardsley said he was worried about the amount of traffic looking for on street parking, but Councillor Barrow said she believed the two town centre car parks would solve the issue.”

In his report to councillors, which was presented at the meeting, Mark Perry, planning case officer, said: “The submitted application is for the erection of a café/ visitor centre at the western end of the Mere in Ellesmere. 

“The building will contain a kitchen, toilets, indoor seating area and also a covered outdoor seating area.

“The proposed building would be of a unique design constructed of timber with roof/ canopy and decking area taking the form of a leaf. 

“The canopy and the roof overhangs will be supported on natural tree trunks. The roof would be planted up to create a ‘live’ gutter.

“The application site is located within the Ellesmere Conservation Area. 

“The proposed building would sit adjacent to the existing children’s playground and the traditional buildings that are used as a council depot.

“A former pre-fabricated timber clad building has already been removed from the depot area creating an open space.

“The proposed café would be positioned partly on the yard area of the depot and part on the green area adjacent to the children’s play area. 

“This would necessitate the removal of a number of trees and a hedgerow which currently forms the separating boundary.”

He added: “The proposed development will provide an improvement to an established and popular tourism and recreational facility at an important local attraction. 

“The proposed building is considered to be well designed for its unique setting and would have a minimal impact upon the character and appearance of the natural landscape, the conservation area and nearby listed building.”