WHITCHURCH Town Council will meet tomorrow (Thursday) to debate several items on a packed agenda.

The meeting, which will take place in the Edward German Room of the Civic Centre at 7.15pm will begin with a session of public participation and an update from West Mercia Police.

Councillors will then receive a short presentation from Shropshire Council officers, Tim Shrosbee and Carol Clarke on undertaking a Housing Needs Survey in Whitchurch, as well as a presentation, alongside a written report, from Shropshire Youth Association on the outcomes of the Youth Outreach Project.

Shropshire Council’s youth consultation and proposed change in youth provisions will also be explained to councillors by Karen Ladd, Early Help Change manager before receiving a verbal update from members of Shropshire Council.

Councillors will then dive into the meeting proper, with Cllr John Sinnott asking if members of the Personnel Committee have undergone formal training in discipline and grievance procedures as they apply to local government staff.

Cllr Andy Hall has also put forward a motion that Whitchurch Town Council produce a Freedom of Information policy and updates its protocol for recordings meetings, the policy on filming and recording meetings and its publication scheme/information guide so that the council complies with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Following this, councillors will hear the minutes from the Heritage Committee held on July 9, the Parks and Public Realm Committee held on July 4, the Cultural and Civic Centre Committee held on July 4 and the Finance Committee held on July 11.

Updates will then be received from councillors on outside bodies, as well as receiving a request from the Higginson Trust.

Councillors will then receive a number of consultation documents and make comment or agreement as appropriate or delegate to the proper officer to complete.

The council will then move to confidential business, where councillors will receive a confidentiality agreement, which all Councillors are asked to sign.

Following this councillors will receive a recommendation from Culture and Civic Centre Committee, on which company to use to put up and take down the Christmas lights.

Finally the council will then receive the draft Heads of Terms from Centre NE.