THE organisers of this year's Blackberry Fair say this year's festival is the perfect recipe for "pumping tons of positive energy into the air".

The annual festival and parade has been running for more than a decade and is a celebration of all things quirky and ever more increasingly, environmentally friendly.

Once again this year will feature bands and musicians joining in with the festival including Cardiff’s Wonderbrass and The SwanVestaSocialClub from St Albans.

Meanwhile the organisers are determined to show they’re lessening their carbon footprint with the return of the zero wastes recycling project, plus the festival's first pedal powered stage and the launch of the 'OurHouse' No to Pointless Plastic Campaign.

Event organiser Steve Chapman is as enthusiastic as ever and believes events like the Blackberry Fair can make a real difference.

"Despite what seems like a never ending news reel reporting imminent disaster virtually every day, Blackberry Fair in Whitchurch has, for the past 12 years, been proving that green roots and positive action can and does make a big difference," said organiser Steve Chapman.

"We all know that we’re messing up the planet but with the right skillset, ingenuity, drive and a toolbox to put things right, we are more than capable of turning things around.

"Excite, enthuse, inspire and action are all the tools Blackberry Fair shares each and every year in its own eclectic way, in order to celebrate the stories of people who are passionately rising up to face the challenge by doing something inspiring, no matter how big or small.

"Close a street, put all these people together with live music, dance, poetry, colour and fun and you have the perfect recipe for pumping tons of positive energy into the air."

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The Blackberry Fair will take place all day on October 4 and 5.