A WHITCHURCH play area and skate park has been forced to close following an infestation of rats.

Signs have been in place, warning of rats in Jubilee Park.

Traps have also been put in place to catch the rats, but as these have been ineffective, leading to the decision to close the park.

Exterminators can now use more effective poisons to target the rats, but these are toxic to humans and dogs, necessitating the park’s closure.

The park will remain closed for at least two weeks, with the hope that in that time the problem will be solved.

A spokesman for Whitchurch Town Council said: “Whitchurch Town Council have closed the play area and skate park for a minimum of two weeks to try to eradicate the rats.

“The pest control company tried using traps in the first instance, but these have proved ineffective. They are now laying Rodenticide, which is toxic and you are requested to keep out of the fenced areas.

“These areas will be closed from today for a minimum of two weeks. Bearing all this in mind, you are also requested not to leave any food rubbish or McDonald’s debris anywhere in or near the park, including Sherry Mill Hill car park, as this is giving rats food to increase in numbers.

“After two weeks it is hoped that the rat problem will be seriously diminished and before the fencing is removed, the play areas will be treated to make sure all areas are disinfected.”

For any questions regarding the closure, contact the town council on 01948 665761 or email info@whitchurchcouncil.uk