POSTAL workers in Whitchurch are to be balloted on whether to vote for strike action next month.

On September 24 workers will vote on whether to go on strike, over concerns over working conditions and the Royal Mails implementation of the Four Pillars Agreement.

The four aspects of the agreement include a pension solution for all, a shorter working week, extended legal protections and a re-designed operational pipeline.

But in the view of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), the Royal Mail has not followed these pillars, necessitating strike action.

"There is no doubt the new Royal Mail Group leaders have lost the trust and confidence of their employees and our members," said CWU deputy president Terry Pullinger.

"What were the board thinking appointing such incompetent under qualified people and untrusting the Great British Postal Service and our members futures to a CEO who does not even live in this country.

"We will stand up, fight and protect our members, the equal connectivity of all the people of Great Britain and this wonderful Postal Service from those who place personal greed and profit above public service."

Commenting on the CWU’s letter to branches, Shane O’Riordain from Royal Mail, said: “We have not received formal notification of a ballot from CWU.

"We are disappointed that they have set out a ballot timetable while discussions are ongoing.

“We are committed to open and constructive engagement with the CWU.

"We all want a successful and sustainable company that provides good quality jobs, fairness in workloads, and continues delivering the Universal Service.”

Members of the CWU will vote on strike action from September 24, with the result due in October.