THE MP for Eddisbury says she will be sticking to her guiding principles in light of the recent decision to prorogue parliament.

Antoinette Sandbach has recently called the proroguing of parliament an "affront to democracy" and says that she as been inundated with emails from constituents regarding the issue.

"I am being inundated with furious emails from constituents about the prorogation of Parliament," said Ms Sandbach.

"The proposal is an affront to democratic accountability at a time when the new PM should be happy to be scrutinised by elected MPs."

Ms Sandbach remains firmly against the proroguing and says she will be backing the views of her constituents, against the overall view of her party.

Sharing an image of Sir Winston Churchill's 'Duties of an MP', Ms Sandbach said: "These will be my guiding principles as they have been consistently since my election.

"My constituents know I have always put their interests above my career prospects."