A WOMAN from Harmer Hill has appeared in court for breaching a ban on dealing with animals.

Marcia Hollins-Jones was banned from dealing in dogs after being convicted of animal welfare offences has appeared at Telford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, August 27 where she pleaded guilty to breaching the disqualification order under the Animal Welfare Act.

The court heard that Hollins-Jones breached the ban on February 7 of this year by selling a doberman dog called Missy - two weeks after she was given the ban on dealing in dogs on January 21, for four animal welfare offences.

Magistrates gave Hollins-Jones an eight-week curfew order with the condition that she must remain at home between 9pm and 7am.

She was also ordered to pay £400 costs and a £85 victim surcharge. The 10-year disqualification order on dealing dogs will remain in place.

Inspector Kate Parker, who investigated this case, said: “Within days of been disqualified from dealing dogs, Hollins-Jones was advertising a dog for sale online, which was a breach of her ban.

“The RSPCA rely on the eyes and ears of members of the public to help us enforce disqualification orders and this case shows we will act if they are ignored.”