A 10p charge for paying for parking using a smartphone app will be scrapped by Shropshire Council.

The authority’s MiPermit app has allowed people to pay for parking without using cash, instead accepting card transactions using the app, a website or over the phone.

However, the authority faced criticism for including a 10p surcharge while using the service.

But this will now be scrapped and the authority will instead absorb the administration fee in a bid to get more people using the service.

Councillor Steve Davenport, cabinet member for highways, said: “I told them we have to scrap that charge because it didn’t look great adding it for paying by card.

“Instead the council will pay the 10p administration fee and not pass it on to people who are paying to use the car parks.

“It will cost around £7,000 a year to take on but we are saving money and making efficiencies by using the service so it will pay for itself.

“There is no need to pass on a 10p charge to people paying that way and I know there have been a few people unhappy with it.”

A spokesman for Shropshire Council said: “MiPermit supply services to parking operators that enable cashless payments and ticketless parking. 

“This means that locations supported by MiPermit can offer customers the ability to not having to find change for parking and can pay by credit or debit card, as well as reducing waste by not requiring a paper ticket to be displayed. 

“This also offers greater flexibility, you can extend your stay (if supported at the location) without having to return to your vehicle to put cash in the machine, or book parking up to seven days in advance as part of your daily routine.

“When you pay for your parking through MiPermit, your vehicle details are synchronised with the patrolling enforcement officers’ hand-held computers in real-time, so when the officer sees you are not displaying a paper ticket or permit, they check their hand-held and will find your vehicle has a valid stay attached to it.

“Using a cashless service is fast, convenient and easy to manage. 

“You can arrange your parking by telephone, SMS from your mobile, via our smartphone apps or online using a MiPermit portal.”

The charge is due to be scrapped in the coming weeks.