CYCLISTS from Whitchurch faced an uphill battle last Wednesday as they tackled the challenging Wirswall hill climb.

The North Shropshire Wheelers were joined by the Whitchurch Cycling Club for the even, which saw 15 participants attempt to reach the summit of the hill as fast as possible.

It was a closely contested event between the two groups, but it was Rob Shimwell of Whitchurch Cycling Club who came out on top, flying up the hill in two minutes and 17.72 seconds.

Second fastest overall and fastest for the Norths was James Neale, who reached the top with a time of 02.43.00.

Rounding out the top three was Chris Hamson from Whitchurch Cycling Club, with a time of 02.51.63.

Gino Trasetti and Les Boughy were the next best riders for the Norths, finishing fifth (02.57.26) and sixth (03.02.83).

Norths regular Mark Sumner was the only competitor to use a mountain bike, finishing with a time of 04.46.44.