NORTH Shropshire Liberal Democrats have selected their candidate to fight in the next General Election.

At a well-attended meeting in Wem, members voted to select Helen Morgan, a chartered accountant, mother and community campaigner from Harmer Hill, as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC).

Helen has spoken of her delight at being selected and is positive that she can meet the standards set by her constituency and the rest of the country.

"I am delighted that members have selected me to be their PPC for the next General Election. The General Election could happen in a matter of weeks," she said.

"Both the Conservative and Labour parties are gripped by crises and infighting.

"Not only is Brexit likely to be a disaster for North Shropshire, it has led to increasing extremism in British politics, with trust in politicians at a historic low.

"Many voters feel that the two main parties of the past century no longer reflect their values.

"We need politicians who will act in the interests of their constituency and country, whose standards of behaviour are civilised, whose motivations are not clouded by personal ambition or financial gain, and whose opinions withstand rational challenge.

"I can meet these standards, and with the positive message of the Liberal Democrats, inspire voters of all ages, defend our liberal values and make a difference at a local and national level.

"Under Jo Swinson's leadership, I believe that the Liberal Democrats are strongly placed to respond to the needs of the country and more locally in Shropshire. Britain rightly demands better than the mess we are in."

Chairman of North Shropshire Liberal Democrats, David Walker, added: "We are overjoyed to have such a high calibre PPC as Helen to take on the Conservatives at the next General Election," he added.

"For far too long the electors of North Shropshire have been taken for granted at local and parliamentary level. Helen will allow us to build upon our growth and campaign for the open and fair society we all need and demand.

“People are working hard, paying their taxes, doing their part, and yet, for far too many people, they’re not able to get a fair wage, afford a home or generally build a good life. That’s not how it should be.

"We will be the voice for millions of voters who feel powerless and frustrated at the direction our country is taking.

"The Liberal Democrats demand better and will deliver real change. Helen will have a critical role to play in delivering that change."