A FUNDRAISER has been launched to help a popular Whitchurch event reach its funding target for another year.

The Blackberry Fair, an alternative arts festival that takes place in the town in October has previously been funded by grants that are not available this year.

This means the organisers require around £2,000 from the community to cover the gap.

The organisers say that the cost of running last year's edition of the fair cost £25,000, with large amounts of funding coming from local businesses.

Speaking on the fundraising page, the fair organisers said: "Blackberry Fair once again hopes to make a day to remember in Whitchurch but this year we've got a huge amount to find.

"A few grants that have helped us raise the bar in previous years are not available this year and so we need your help. We've got the line-up pencilled in but we need the money to confirm them.

"We have had over three million hits from the Mr Wilson's Second Liners video shot on Green End and we have brought Artists to Whitchurch usually confined to bigger towns and cities.

"Blackberry Fair has kept its roots in the heart of the community and is still run by a small team, who have dedicated their time to raise the profile of Whitchurch and improve inter-community relationships.

"The fair's main ethos is one of promoting positive action, as we believe that this helps communities to grow and it prides itself on promoting local solutions for sustainability and educating on waste reduction, while also bringing internationally recognised artists to a small town, and intermingling them with local musicians, artists and dancers.

"The line up this year we hope will include a return of the amazing Festive Road in more ways than one.

"We have teamed up with them to create something for Whitchurch that really is for more than just a day, a brand new, wacky and interactive Town Clock.

"We hope to bring a prototype to the fair this year and hope you will all get onboard with this ambitious project.

"We also hope to bring the fantastic Wonderbrass, Acrojou, Murmuration, Sol Cinema, the Human Jukebox, and much much more."

To donate to the fundraiser, visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/blackberry-fair-12