A TEENAGER from Whitchurch has gone on a once in a lifetime trip to Iceland as part of a national exploration programme.

Jessica Shah, 17, got a taste for the great outdoors while going through the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and National Citizen Programme at Sir John Talbots School is currently on the trip as part of the British Explorer Society.

Jessica learnt of the expedition having served on the local NCS youth board for a year and applied for a place on the Dangoor Next Generation Expedition to Iceland.

The selection process involved a very cold and wet weekend in Staffordshire where 50 hopefuls attended.

After completing the selection process she was notified and gained a place on Dartmoor for a week learning survival techniques, wild camping and living on ration packs alongside 30 other individuals.

Jess is currently a second year level 3 art student at South Cheshire College and created a blog of the experience through sketches and notes.

Jess's mother Marina said "She was delighted to gain one of the 20 places to Iceland and is currently out there for three weeks in a very remote part, wild camping without any facilities.

"When she returns she will attend a reunion in October in London to feedback on her experiences out there and meet up with all the team."