A WOMAN from Wem has won gold in the European Open Table Tennis Championships for Athletes with Down Syndrome,

Jenny Clare Turner took part in the championship in Finland last month and after winning gold, is now European champion.

In the semifinal Jenny played the tournament favourite from the Czech Republic and beat her three-nil, before battling a rising star from Russia in the final.

In a very close match, with some fantastic shots played by both players, Jenny was the victor over five games, winning three-two.

Owing to Jenny's popularity on the circuit her win was greeted with huge applause from everyone in attendance.

Jenny's father Peter was just one of those applauding.

"It was a very thrilling final and I was often on the edge of my seat," said Peter. "I am absolutely delighted with Jenny’s achievement as are all of our family and friends.

"We are just coming to realise that Jenny is European Champion and we hope that this will encourage other players with Down Syndrome or other disabilities to get involved.

"Jenny is now 42 years old and has been playing table tennis for over 20 years.

"She has represent GB on three occasions in the Special Olympics and has won Gold, Silver and Bronze Special Olympic Medals.

"This was her third time of representing GB at the Down Syndrome Championships, first in Florence where she won a bronze, secondly in Porto, Portugal where she also won a bronze.

"This is her finest achievement."

At the event Jenny also won the bronze medal in the mixed doubles with her partner from Brighton Table Tennis Club.

In the Ladies Team event, as there was no other competitors from GB she was paired up with a Finn, with whom she came second.