COUNCILLORS and residents in Wem are unhappy at a proposed development to construct a residential care home on land off Mill Street.

The application, which is being resubmitted after amendments were made, consists of two buildings comprising of 50 units with communal facilities, a car park and associated diversions of public right of way.

But councillors and residents have raised concerns over the size of development and the impact it will have on the local environment.

Commenting on the initial proposals from 2017, clerk of the Council Penny O'Hagan said that the proposals would have an adverse impact on the town as the additional traffic flows the development will create onto an already busy and congested narrow road.

There are further concerns that the proposed design is not in keeping with its location in a small market town and would have an adverse impact upon the conservation area.

The town council also had concerns over potential flooding at the site and whether such a site in Wem was actually needed.

Cllr George Nash is also concerned about the effects the plans have of the historic character of the area.

Speaking at Wem Town Council on Thursday, Cllr Nash said: "I've brought this up because they're basically developing in a conservation area next to Grade 2 listed building.

"I’m pulling my hair out why this even being considered consider the planning electorate said no to it.

"We’re going to gather together some volunteers to sweep the whole area for archaeology.

"Hopefully when they're looking at the potential constraints of building in the area they’ll have to go through the due process.

"I know for a fact the site hasn’t been visited by the consultant involved.

"Once the sweep has been done I’m more than happy to submit my archaeological findings.

"In my view the massive setting of two blocks there will have a detrimental effect on the gateway to the town there. It's a speculative plan

"NPPS policy says you should always try to preserve the setting. In my view the building would have a detrimental effect.

"Mill Street is a key gateway to Wem, I don't think Shropshire Council has given it too much thought."

Dr Patrick Beresford from Wem Medical practice is concerned about the increased workload a new care home would create for his staff.

"A new residential home in Wem with 50 rooms would create a major increase in workload for our practice," said Dr Beresford.

"It comes at a time when staff recruitment is very difficult and pressure on NHS resources is unparalleled.

"We have never been approached by the developer and it appears the medical care of the residents of this development has not been considered."

Overall the application has 17 public comments, of which all but one are objections, with one neutral comment.