A PLANTER with herbs for communal use is taking pride of place in Ellesmere.

Amanda Byrne, team manager, and community member pioneer at the Co-op in Cross Street, came up with the idea as she had been wanting to create a community garden.

After seeing people planting in the plant boxes opposite the store, she decided to ask if they had one spare.

She said: "I just went over and asked if they had one spare.

"They said they had one spare and I could have it if I looked after it.

"I've been thinking about creating a little community garden as I know a few Co-op's around the country are doing it.

"The Co-op have a vision to make communities stronger and the three key areas that are being focused on are community spaces, mental and physical wellbeing and skills – so I went and bought some herbs and planted them.

"I got a little plaque made and bingo it’s been a hit .

"The response has been phenomenal at the moment quite overwhelming in fact."

The planter has chives, mint, parsley, tarragon and oregano for people to pick and use.