COUNCILLORS in Wem want to stake a claim to becoming a 'green town' following discussions to adopt a number of eco-friendly strategies.

At a climate change working party meeting, held on July 22, an action plan was drawn up on how best to tackle Wem's carbon footprint, with the help of independent specialists Marches Energy Trust.

The Marches Energy Trust were brought in to assist Wem Town Council, as gathering a carbon base line was beyond the capabilities of the council.

At the full council meeting held on Thursday, July 25, councillors accepted a quote from the Marches Energy Trust to carry out this carbon survey.

From there councillors looked at other things the town could do to stake a claim to becoming a green town.

Other ideas put forward include a rainwater harvesting system for the public toilets, an electric charging point for Bowensfield car park and discussions with Shropshire Wildlife Trust over the management of the town's green spaces to improve biodiversity.

A meeting will now be held in October to collate the results of all of these ideas.

The meeting will also aim to seek volunteers for a climate change forum for Wem and request groups and organisations in Wem sign up to a Wem area climate change commitment instead of a formal charter.

Councillors also mentioned how they hoped to be an example to other towns on how to promote environmentally friendly live and that some other councils had begun to enquire about strategies.

In reference to eco-friendly moves already made by the council, Cllr George Nash said: "We’ve had a very successful transition for streetlights to LEDs and we’re on a roll so it’s a good precedent to set.

"In the future we can make a claim that we are a green town."