A WOMAN from Wem took her own life while her husband was out tending to the horses, a coroner has ruled.

Ishbel Lesley Macinnes-Manby, 63, a company director originally from Blackpool, was found dead by her husband Richard at their home of Shooters Hill Hall, near Wem on March 26.

A statement from PC Johnathon Lightfoot, who was first member of the emergency services on the scene, said at around 6.30pm, Mr Macinnes-Manby had gone outside to tend to the horses. He returned at 7.50pm and found his wife on the stairs.

The inquest heard how he called paramedics and police before attempting CPR.

PC Lightfoot also attempted to resuscitate Mrs Macinnes-Manby with CPR and also enquired about a defibrillator from a nearby garage, but paramedics confirmed time of death at 8.35pm.

The statement from PC Lightfoot said that according to Mr Macinnes-Manby, Ishbel had been struggling with mental health.

On the day of her death she informed her husband she had had a bad day and spoke about ending her life, but that was was not unusual behaviour.

After a brief search of the premises, PC Lightfoot did not find a note or anything suspicious.

Coroner John P Ellery concluded that Mrs Macinnes-Manby "did take her own life".