WHITCHURCH Town Council look set to adopt the services of youth workers throughout the summer, despite concerns over value for money.

At last month's full council meeting held on June 20, councillors made plans to employ the services the Shropshire Youth Association (SYA) for eight sessions at £120 per session. A sum of no more than £2,000 was set aside to fund this.

A report of the potential contract was produced by council clerk Nicola Young, who suggested the council request more details as there is "little information on what their organisation will deliver for £2,000."

The report also recommended the council request a specific financial breakdown of the services to be provided.

"Without the complete breakdown of finances for this project, the council cannot demonstrate value for money, nor would it be able to compare with future quotes," said Nicola in the report.

"I wish to ensure that effective project controls are put in place to ensure that resources are not wasted."

At the meeting councillor Norma Raynes suggested to councillors that a small group be put together to discus how best to proceed.

But Cllr Andy Hall was concerned at how long a group would take to organise, saying: "To put a small group of people together would be a waste of time."

Cllr Hall also stressed the importance of having youth workers in the town.

"Youth work isn't just talking to kids," added Cllr Hall. "Young people speak to youth workers on a voluntary basis.

"We've got money put aside for a youth pod. When we've got a youth centre the kids will have somewhere to go for advice from an impartial youth worker."

At the meeting Cllr Hall put forward a recommendation for the approval of the contract on the basis of receiving further information from the SYA, which was approved by councillors.