The outdoors of near and far, and it the diversity it brings, is definitely a big feature of our Whitchurch Herald Camera Club this week.

Jill Adger’s brilliant sunrise over the Mere in Ellesmere is quite a way to kick us off, while David Mottram caught this brown bear at the Welsh Mountain Zoo.

The bear is joined a very good looking chap in Casper, who is owned by Marina Shah’s daughter, and is a bearded dragon and you can see he’s fully loving the fresh air.

Marina was also out and about this week with a fantastic shot of a field of poppies towards Tilstock airfield.

Ewan Miller took a close-up of a rainy leaf, calling it evidence of summer, and it shows the sort of season so far with beautiful fauna and a lot of rain.

Lee Arts-Images is back again after his late sunset last week; this time he’s taking a stroll through a field in Shropshire to enjoy the late sunshine and light.

While last but no means least, Kate Long’s picture shows a pair of garden moths as she continues to show off the best wildlife in Whitchurch.

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