A community lottery will not be set up by Shropshire Council as it would not provide sufficient benefit to the authority.

Councillor Andy Boddington said he suggested a community lottery be set up in 2017 in a motion that was passed at council.

But the scheme has now fallen by the wayside, with the idea not providing sufficient benefits to council coffers.

Councillor Steve Charmley, deputy leader, said: “Council officers have undertaken a lot of research in respect of community lotteries since the motion was passed in December 2017. 

“On February 5, 2019, the council hosted a meeting involving Councillor Boddington, a member of the Shropshire VCS assembly and Aylesbury District Council officers who presented their experience of running a community lottery. 

“Aylesbury was the first local council to implement a lottery scheme in November 2016.

“Aylesbury officers described how their council is responsible for application of Local Authority Lottery license from the Gambling Commission, appointing an external lottery management company, establishing the criteria for what constitutes a good causes, marketing the lottery scheme, approval of new good causes as applications are submitted on-line and authorisation of monthly cause payments and quarterly Gambling Commission submissions. 

“Community lottery schemes do not generate an income stream for the council. 

“They do raise income for good causes having deducted administration and operating costs. 

“The VCS representative raised questions regarding the impact a new lottery scheme may have on Shropshire based VCS bodies and charities who raise funds through other means. 

“Another question raised related to the council’s position in terms of promoting gambling. 

“Evidence suggests that local community lotteries can make a reasonable amount of money.”

He added: “In the first year after an initial marketing campaign. Income levels, however, tend to drop off after this. 

“Shropshire Council would need to spend quite a lot of money on marketing and would be competing with other local and national lotteries in terms of ticket sales. 

“I do not believe, having taking into account the concerns raised by the VCS sector, there is a case for a community lottery scheme in Shropshire.”