WHITCHURCH Town Council are set to discuss using green energy for the Civic Centre at Thursday's monthly full council meeting.

Councillors will meet at Whitchurch Civic Centre on Thursday at 7.15pm to discuss the plans, which were recommended by the town' council's finance committee.

In June, following the recommendation, Cllr Simon Hamlyn and the town clerk Nicola Young met and recommend that the town council use green energy to power the Civic Centre going forwards.

The figures suggest there will be a slight rise in costs for this, but committee members say the rise is not excessive and meets with the current criteria already agreed, including solar panels and the electrical vehicle charging points which have been budgeted for.

On Thursday councillors look set to accept the quotes from energy provider Good Energy to provide green energy to the town council.

At tomorrow's meeting councillors will get the opportunity to listen to a short presentation about the company and ask questions.

Following this they will receive a recommendation from the finance committee to use Good Energy as the green energy provider for the Civic Centre and accept the quotes as presented.

Also at the meeting councillors will be requested to agree to the urgent replacement of the Heritage Centre cupola, which is currently in a state of disrepair.

The council say a handyman has patched the cupola to stop the ingress of water, but the item needs replacing as a matter of urgency.

Cllr Andy Hall will also present a progress report regarding the detached youth work project and update on the discussions held with the Head of Shropshire Youth Association, Richard Parkes.

Following the meeting with Mr Parkes, the council have been asked to consider the detached youth work contract, if available, and agree the wording and outcomes, or offer appropriate amendments.

Other items up for discussion at the meeting include an update from West Mercia Police if available and members of the public will be allowed a period of time before the meeting to air their views.

Councillors will also discuss the accounts from the last three months and discuss the minutes from the cemetery board meeting held on March 6.

Three consultations are also up for discussion, including the polling stations for Shropshire Council area, Shropshire Playing Fields Strategy and the draft Whitchurch Local Economic Growth Strategy.

The minutes from committee meetings held last month and reports from councillors on outside bodies will also be heard.