CAR ENTHUSIASTS of all shapes and sizes gathered in Tushingham on Friday to visit the annual Anything Goes car show.

This year’s show saw a bumper crowd visit the site, to enjoy the large plethora of vehicles on display.

There was a mixed bag of cars and trucks to admire, with everything from a modern supercars from Ferrari and Aston Martin, to classic rally cars and the show favourite display of Messerschmitt bubble cars.

As per last year, this year’s show was organised by Whitchurch Motor Club, to raise money for the Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire Blood Bikes.

Last year’s event raised around £1,500, a target the organisers hope to race again.

Martin Williams said: “Once again we’re raising money for the Blood Bikes and I think this is our biggest one yet.

“Anything that goes comes along and I think that’s what people like.

“There’s loads of different vehicles here, that’s what it’s all about.”