AN AUTHOR has decided to give back to the very place that inspired him by donating two of his books to Whitchurch Library.

Craig Welburn, who publishes under the pseudonym C.F. Welburn, is from Whitchurch but now lives in Madrid, teaching English and art.

In his spare time he writes fantasy and science fiction and has self published two of his books, The Linguist and The Ashen Levels.

The latter has been nominated for an Epic Fantasy Readers award and has also been entered in the Self Published Fantasy Book Off competition.

Craig was back visiting family this week when he took the opportunity to donate his works to the library.

“I used to visit the library all the time as a child, so it feels good to give something back," said Craig. "My first book, The Linguist, is also dedicated to my grandparents Monty and Iris Davenport, who used the library frequently.

“Now I’m back to Spain, the visit has been fleeting. I’m going to take advantage of the school summer holidays working on my next book which I plan on releasing late next year.”