Councillors in No Man’s Heath will discuss the implementation of new speed limits around the village at this month’s parish council meeting, to be held at Bickley Coronation Hall on Thursday, July 11 at 7pm.

A 20mph speed limit is being proposed for the village, as well as stretching the 30mph limit from the mini roundabouts to the A41.

A proposal for a 50mph limit along the A41 past No Man’s Heath is also to be discussed and the implementation of new signage throughout the village.

As well as this, councillors will also discuss action regarding Littlers Croft play area.

Ideas are being put forward to prohibit dogs from entering the play area, as well as whether to cut the grass and lock the gate.

Councillors will also discuss whether to contribute toward the cost of a speed gun purchased by Malpas Parish Council.

Also at this week’s meeting, councillors will receive an update on the installation of a defibrillator and external heated cabinet at Bickley Coronation Hall.

Councillors will also consider taking out an Annual Maintenance Plan for the defibrillator at Hampton.

The council will also receive a report from Cheshire Police, approve the outstanding accounts and payments and will formally confirm that they are exempt from the external audit review process.