Shropshire Union Canal Society volunteers resumed work on the restoration of the section of canal between Pryces Bridge and Crickheath.

Activity had been suspended for three months to allow for the trapping and removal of Great Crested Newts from the section.

The remaining distance to be restored is 300 metres which will link the newly completed winding hole at Crickheath, which is now in water, with the previously restored section at Pryces Bridge.

This 300 metre length is divided into four sections and work began on the first 75 metres at Crickheath, and, consisted of strimming down vegetation in the channel to enable a final search to be made to remove the last of any creatures living there.

Two diggers were then used to remove a considerable number of very large, and other, tree stumps and then, to subsequently roughly define the shape of the canal bed.

On Sunday the next 75 metres were given a preliminary strimming to reduce the height of the reeds and other tall vegetation to prepare for the next work party in two weeks time.

Later, these two sections will then be surveyed to establish the precise depth of the channel, and other critical references needed.

Following this a French Drain will be installed along the middle of channel bed so that ground,and rain water, can be easily pumped out to enable final channel shaping to take place.

The next work party will take place between July 5-7.

New volunteers area always welcome and details are on the Shropshire Union Canal Society website.