A NUMBER of key issues in Wem have been discussed at the town council's monthly meeting on Thursday, June 28.

One sticking point for councillors at the meeting was the potential future development of the toilet block on the recreation ground.

The councils amenities and services committee recommended at their most recent meeting that the council does not progress with their plans to open the toilets on a seasonal basis.

The reasons for this recommendation revolved around the increased cost to the council and fears of attracting antisocial behaviour.

When the recommendation was raised some councillors objected, indicating there was still some value to having the toilets open, despite the £7,000 a year cost.

After much discussion, the town council deferred their decision until January, with he council looking to request that Shropshire Council cover the cost of getting the toilets up to scratch while also consulting with local businesses.

Also discussed at the meeting was the tennis club planning application to construct a new clubhouse as well as install two floodlights.

Councillors had no issue over the planning application itself, as they own the land, but some concerns were raised over the impact the new floodlights would have.

Residents and councillors were concerned that the height and brightness of the floodlights could affect neighbouring properties.

Councillors were reassured that the direction of the lights would be accurate and the application was approved subject to the impact of neighbouring properties.

Other items on the agenda were resolved, including a provision to ringfence donations from the mayor's charity fund relating to mental health support as well as an approval for Wem Civic Society to promote the Bowensfield car park.