A BOOK documenting the three-year project to document the timber framed buildings of Tilley has been released.

The book, titled 'The Tilley Timber Project - 500 Years of History in Wood' provides a detailed account of the entire project, as undertaken by George Nash and Alistair Reid, as well descriptions of each of the surveyed buildings.

After applying for National Lottery Funding, the Tilley Timber Project came to an end in 2017, with the village being granted Conservation Area status on May 1 2019.

George Nash said: "This three-year project was conceived one November night in 2014 when we met up to talk about how a possible history project such as the Tilley Timber Project could be funded and who could take it on.

"We decided to test the waters and made preliminary investigations into a possible science-based project that could involve the community.

"In December 2014 we applied for a Heritage Lottery funded grant and got it. Following the green light from the Heritage Lottery Fund, our next step was to assemble a team of experts including a respected and renowned dendrochronologist."

The project involved the dating of around 30 timber-framed buildings.

Although the project officially came to an end on December 31 2017 the project managed to use-up the remaining funding by employing heritage specialist Victoria Hunns to produce documentation for a Conservation Management Plan.

"This document would pull-together all the available cultural heritage information and policy to establish a Conservation Area around Tilley," added George.

"This was the project’s lasting legacy, affording the village with some degree of protection from any future irreverent development."