AN independent cheesemakers from near Whitchurch have brought home a prize-winning treble from the Cheshire Show.

Appleby’s, based at Hawkstone Abbey Farm, have won three trophies and brought the Supreme Champion Cup for their Cheshire cheese back home for the second consecutive year.

The Appleby family have been making traditional Cheshire cheese since Lance and Lucy Appleby (MBE) founded the business in 1952.

Paul and Sarah are the third generation now working at the dairy alongside Garry Gray, Anna Welch and Neil Turner using the same recipe and techniques developed by Lucy.

The dairy uses milk only from its own single herd of cows and Paul has made recent exciting developments on the farm to ensure the quality of the milk

“We believe you can’t make delicious, nutritious award winning cheese without fantastic milk from happy cows," said Paul. "Our lovely ladies graze pastures that help to give our cheese it’s unique flavour."

Sarah added: “It’s a big team effort with everyone focussed on quality from the soil right through to the maturation rooms.

"Interestingly the names on the winning trophies go back generations when this title was incredibly hotly contested with hundreds of Cheshire cheesemakers battling it out.

"It always means a lot to be recognised at this show where traditional, single-herd and non-industrial cheeses were so common place. We’re thrilled!”