ALTERNATIVE plans for Pauls Moss have been put forward by campaigners.

Leaders of Save Pauls Moss have commissioned London-based architects and urban designers Burrell Foley Fischer (BFF) to demonstrate that a wholly different development to deliver a health centre, community hub and supported housing is possible.

In the view of the campaigners, the BFF design facilitates the salvation and renovation of Pauls Moss House as the community hub while still providing a new base for Whitchurch's GPs and other primary care services, alongside sheltered accommodation for over 55s.

Paula Fraser, of Save Pauls Moss, said: “With this alternative scheme we have proved the demolition of Pauls Moss House to be the unnecessary step in the redevelopment that we always knew it was.

"John Burrell and the team at BFF have extensive experience in the creative re-use of historic buildings and they have ably illustrated how the House could be converted and extended to become the community hub.

“The Save Pauls Moss alternative approach of providing smaller-scale linked buildings facilitates a development that is responsive and sensitive to site conditions, existing buildings and neighbours.

"It provides a design solution which is more in keeping with the character of the local area with open spaces at its heart as an amenity and new focus for the community.

Save Pauls Moss campaigners say they every sympathy with the town GPs and are as keen as they are to see construction of the new health centre begin as soon as possible:

"If the site owners (Wrekin Housing Trust) were amenable to adapting their plans, we can’t see why the build of the health centre couldn’t be prioritised and started as soon as possible, hopefully alleviating the worry of the loss of £1m NHS ETTF funding allocated for the project."

Invitations to discuss the Save Pauls Moss plans in more detail have been extended to the town GPs and the campaign group will present their plans to Whitchurch Town Council this week.

Meanwhile the chief executive of the Wrekin Housing Trust, Wayne Gethings, has warned that the plans to develop the Pauls Moss site need to meet set milestones by March 2021 in order to qualify for funding streams, including a £3.77million grant from Homes England.

If approved, the £17m project will create a wider economic impact of £36.5m. It will be funded by Wrekin Housing Group, Homes England, Shropshire Council, NHS England, NHS Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group and the One Public Estate programme.

Mr Gethings said: “We have just one opportunity to create something special, a vibrant wellbeing hub which is desperately needed in Whitchurch.

"We’re currently in a position to deliver a unique and innovative development. The funding opportunities have been clearly defined.

"It’s crucial that we have a positive decision at the next planning hearing, as any deferment would see this partnership scheme not go ahead and a great opportunity for the town lost forever.

“Our plans for Pauls Moss were developed with input from our project partners and it is clear to us that to maximise health and medical benefits we need to create a wholly new building that considers the local area but is at a scale to make a real difference to the town and surrounding area.”