THE Whitchurch Bowling League has announced that all games called off because of poor weather on Tuesday will be played in October.

Heavy rain on Tuesday meant play was impossible across the league and owing to the number of games called, the rearranged fixtures will be played at the end of the year.

League organisers say that moving the fixtures to the end of the year will help alleviate pressure on the teams themselves to rearrange games.

A spokesperson for the Whitchurch Bowling League said: "[The games] will now be played on Tuesday, October 1.

"Due to the weather we have been enduring this last couple of weeks, and also with a lot of last Tuesday's games called off as well as Market Drayton League matches last Friday this means a backlog of matches to rearrange.

"With the league doubles games starting again in three weeks this relieves the pressure on teams to rearrange."